From John: And the Answer Is…We don’t know yet

Here is the WPR Report and the Opinion–

Please watch for additional guidance over the next few days to determine the options to move forward.

From Stacey at Augusta

At Tuesday’s Adult Services Check-In, Stacey was talking about the virtual film screening from Wisconsin documentary directors using Zoom.  Stacey had a few tips about doing this:  It’s best to have 2 moderators so that one person can share their screen to show the video and the other can monitor and take care of participants.  Make sure to check your settings so that people cannot share their screens, and of course, make sure all are muted until the end of the film.  For Augusta, the directors joined them for questions at the end.  Stacey shared her list of directors (contact her for email addresses):

From IMLS: CARES Act Grants to Libraries, Consortia, and Related Organizations

On Friday, May 8, the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) announced how it would distributed $15 million of the remaining $20 million of CARES Act funding the agency received. IMLS will directly award competitive grants through