The volume of digital communication has really gone down, and so the Daily Digest will become the Weekly Digest. Watch for it on Fridays.

From Maureen: Please do not create new WISCAT requests at this time

Statewide interlibrary loan has not restarted yet.  Statewide delivery is just getting restarted and is primarily moving the ILL requests which were in shipped status when the libraries were closing and ILL returns.
Also, WISCAT requests that were created before library closures are beginning to expire since the need by dates are getting to be older than three months. If your library has any WISCAT requests that you want to remain active, you will want to extend the need by dates.
Question to Maureen, or submit a HelpDesk ticket.

From John: Reopening Guidelines still under review

The reopening guidelines are still at DHS for their review.  The Division staff is checking on the status. Once DHS has signed off on them they will be shared out.