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Questions for Rethinking Policies with Access in Mind (click for toggle)

When considering whether to implement or change a policy, rule or guideline, _____ Public Library considers the following:

▪ Is this a legal expectation required as a public non-profit organization and/or by city, county, state and/or federal statute?

▪ Will this attract and retain children, individuals, families, volunteers, and partners who reflect a broad interpretation of diversity?

▪ Will this reflect best practices and principles in the field of library science?

▪ Will this enhance the quality of the library learning environment?

▪ Will this ensure an equitable and uniform opportunity for participation in learning experiences?

▪ Will this promote and expect efficient and effective use of fiscal and human resource.

Adapted by Julie Keown-Bomar, University of Wisconsin Extension Original Source.

Resources for Adult Programs

Summer library program: links and resources

Performers: tips, buttons for IFLS collaboration spreadsheet and IFLS library staff crowd-sources reviews

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An entirely free compendium of social assistance offerings, sorted by zip code. Includes financial assistance, food pantries, medical care, and other free or reduced cost help.