Resources for Friends Groups 

Accessibility is Good For Everybody!

When your Friends Group sponsors an event, take a moment to think about accessibly as you plan it. Here’s a checklist for one-time events. It’s not a perfect match (it’s for schools) but would be a good start.

General Resources

ALA United for Libraries resources, including Libraries Need Friends: Starting a Friends Group or Revitalizing the One You Have (PDF, 100 kb) by Sally Gardner Reed

Wisconsin Library Association resources

WebJunction, hosted by OCLC, has extensive resources for Friends.

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction’s Library Trustee Essentials handbook’s Trustee Essential #24 is specifically about Friends and Foundations.

Create a Mission Statement It’s important to have a strong, clear mission statement for your Friends Group. Start with this great handout from the Nonprofit Hub. 

Friends Group First Aid created by IFLS. 

What Makes a Good Friends Group: This is a short blog from Library Strategies, an innovative venture of the St. Paul Public Library Friends Group. 

Identifying and Recruiting Younger People: If you are looking to find younger Friends members, this recording of a 2020 Trustee Training Week session will be of interest.

How to Make New Friends: from Library Strategies