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Want to borow a costume for a big event?  While IFLS doesn't have any costumes, libraries in the area are willing to lend you their costumes--for use for library-related functions (don't plan to use these for your friend's annual costume party, or lend them out for the high school play).

For book-related costumes, you can also rent from Costume Specialists.

Please contact the library/librarian listed to make arrangements to borrow these costumes:

Cat in the Hat 

  • Suit, hat gloves
  • Adult size
  • Phillips Public Library, contact Jo Hick.

Thing One and Thing Two (2 costumes)Thing One and Thing Two Costumes

Chicken Hat

  • Adult or older child size
  • Phillips Public Library, contact Jo Hick.



  • Red and gold, with crown
  • Small/average adult size
  • Hudson Public Library, contact Mary Davis


  • Small/average adult size
  • Hudson Public Library, contact Mary Davis

Curious George

  • Child size
  • Hudson Public Library, contact Mary Davis

Man with the Yellow Hat

  • Adult size
  • Hudson Public Library, contact Mary Davis

Hot Dog, Mustard and Ketchup Bottles (3 costumes)