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smiling adult and child reading togetherThese kits are available to all IFLS public libraries.  They are designed for preschool and primary grade audiences, and each has many materials from which to pick and choose.  To reserve a kit or to schedule several kits for a story hours series, contact Leah.  Many of these kits were extensively updated in 2014 with funds from a Library Services and Technology Act Grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.  Daycares and Headstart programs interested in borrowing kits need to contact their local public library.  To find out contents of each kit, click on it.

ABC & 123                               Dinosaurs                            Nature Trip          
Around the World                    Dogs                                    Noisy Stories
Babies                                      Families                               Nonsense
Bears                                        Farms                                  Oceans
Bedtime                                    Feelings                              Outdoors Wisconsin
Big and Bad                              Food                                    Outer Space                 
Big and Gray                             Friends                                Rabbits
Birds                                         Frogs & Reptiles                  Sports & Hobbies
Birthdays                                  Imagination                         Transportation
Cats & Mice                              Insects & Spiders                 Vacation
Circus                                       Mischief                               Winter
Clothing                                    Mother Goose                      Zoo
Colors                                        Music

NEW KIT (funded by LSTA grant from the IMLS):    Being Brave

Also remember the Large Motor Kits and the Sensory Kit for working with this age group!