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Collection Development: Selection

Selection Reviews, Resources, & Tools

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Special Considerations for Selection

Evaluating Donated Materials
  • Consult your Collection Development Policy
    • Does the donated item meet the selection criteria listed in your policy?
    • Follow the procedures outlined in your policy’s section on donated materials
  • Outdated materials or items in poor condition are not recommended to add to the collection
  • Unauthorized or advanced reader copies (ARCs) should not be added to the collection
Identifying Bootleg or Unauthorized DVDs
  • Beware of third-party sellers from vendors like Amazon, Walmart, and others 
  • DVD Donations: Check to make sure these are authorized releases before adding to your collection 
  • Check reputable vendors like Baker & Taylor or Midwest Tape to see if the DVD is available for purchase 
  • Check the film or TV show’s production company (for example, Netflix) to see if the DVD has been released for public sale 
  • Use the following tools for further verification: 
  • Still not sure? Reach out to us at IFLS. 

Books in the Media

Reputable Reviews

Award Winners and “Best of” Lists

Diversity and Inclusion Selection Tools

Selection Resources & Tools