Paused or Frozen Holds

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What is a paused or frozen hold?

Patrons can place holds, then pause (or, in the Classic Catalog “freeze” or “suspend”) the hold to retain their place in the holds queue but prevent their hold from being filled.  For instance, if a patron has requested titles, but will be on vacation for a month, they may want to pause their holds so that none of their requests are filled while they are unable to retrieve them.

In Sierra, a paused hold displays a date in the “Not before” column on an item record’s Bib-Level Holds tab:

You can’t resume or unfreeze a patron hold from Sierra. This has to be done from the patron’s account in the MORE Online Catalog. When a patron’s hold is frozen, you’ll see a grayed-out “Not Wanted Before” date when you select the hold from within the patron’s record and choose “Modify Holds.”


How to pause holds

To pause holds, patrons can log on to their account in the MORE Online Catalog, then view their “On Hold” titles. Select the red “Pause hold” button. A confirmation message will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Pause hold

The hold will then display with a status of “Paused” and a “Resume hold” option will appear in place of the “Pause hold” button

Resume hold

The hold will remain paused until the patron “resumes” the hold


How to resume holds

When a patron is ready to receive an item on hold, they must access their account online and “resume” the hold. Their hold will then be filled once they are at the top of the holds queue.

From a patron account in the MORE Online Catalog, view “On Hold” titles. For any “Paused” holds, select the “Resume hold” button to make the hold active again.



Checking for paused holds

When viewing a patron’s checked-out items tab the status column notes whether or not a title has other holds. However, any existing holds are listed, regardless of whether or not they are paused. This is important because if all existing holds are paused, the item can be renewed. Try to renew the item; if it can’t be renewed the screen will say so.

If you want to look to see if the holds are paused, right click on the item and click on View this Item.

When the item record opens, click on the Bib-Level Hold tab.


Check the Not Before column.  If there is a date in this field, the hold is paused, or staff have entered a “not needed before” date.

In this example, both remaining holds are paused.  The status column for a checked out copy of this title shows 2 holds, but the item can still be renewed.

Again, the best thing to do is to try to renew the item.  The system will allow you to renew without an override if all remaining holds are paused.



More details about paused holds

  • When a hold is frozen, the system automatically inserts a “not needed before” or “not before” date of 255 days from the date the hold was placed.  The hold remains paused until the patron resumes it even after the “not before” date passes.
  • Once a hold is 255 days old, it can no longer be paused.  Patrons will see a message in their holds display stating “hold is too old to be suspended.”  This is because of the way the system automatically generates “not before” and “not after” dates for holds.
  • If there are any available copies of a title, the hold cannot be paused. Patrons can add these titles to their “For Later” shelf to request at a later date.