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IFLS Trustee Orientation Packet

Annual Calendar


  • Board Elections
  • New appointments/Reappointments
  • Trustee Orientation


  • Annual Report/Complicance Overview
  • Financial Report for close of prior fiscal year and the new fiscal year


  • Audit Report
  • Personnel Committee – begin Discussion on director evaluation process


  • Mid-year budget revision if needed
  • Director evaluation conducted


  • Personnel Committee – wage recommendation for director and staff
  • Budget approval
  • Long-range plan review/update approval


  • Budget/Plan finalization (if needed)


Important Resources

AE 17: Membership in the Library System from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI)

The Public Library System Board–the Broad Viewpoint (26) from Trustee Essentials: A Handbook for Wisconsin Public Library Trustees from WI-DPI

Wisconsin Library Systems map from WI-DPIboard packet 2020

MORE brochure

MORE app info page.

Bylaws for the IFLS Library System

System Board Roles and Responsibilities 2023 slides (pdf)

View or print the pdf of the Handout that includes IFLS mission/vision, website overview, directions

Guide for the Responsible IFLS Library System Trustee (link coming soon)

Library population, county, type of library spreadsheet (link coming soon)

IFLS website orientation pdf