• Major Network and Server outage From 5:10am to approximately 8:20am most of our network and services were down due to an issue with the fire suppression system at CVTC which houses all of our network equipment and servers. The MORE server was down a bit longer, but is now working. - Gus 02/20/2017 - 8:49am
  • MORE online payments (ecommerce) not working There's a problem with our online payment system that cropped up late Sunday night (2-12). Payments have been declined: accounts are debited, then the charge is refunded (which may take awhile). The online payment button has been hidden as of Friday afternoon (2-17). I'll post an update when this is fixed. -Lori 02/14/2017 - 9:02am
  • Circulation Notices Slow to Send Circulation notices continue to be slow to send from Sierra. I have reported the problem to our vendor. Notices do eventually go through. Avoid stopping and restarting--that results in multiple notices sent to patrons. -Lori 01/03/2017 - 10:09am
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IFLS Maker Kits logo

Coloring Kit

Featuring 6 books, 48 gel pens and 48 colored pencils

Needle Felting Kit

Featuring needles, felting tools, foam and brush pads, instruction/idea book, cookie cutters.  To use this kit, you will need to purchase wool roving, available locally at Color Crossing (Roberts), Black Cat Farmstead (Stockholm), and Earthsong Fiber (Osceola) .  You can also order online from The Woolery or Amazon.  It doesn't take a ton of wool roving to make a cool little project, so supplies aren't too expensive.