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These kits were funded by an LSTA grant from the IMLS in 2014.  Items in kits will need to be washed before returning to IFLS.

Animal Imagination Kit

Soft and squeezy dinosaurs

Soft and squeezy wild animals

8 Folkmanis puppets

Water Science Kit

Unbreakable Test Tubes (12)

Magifier Center (6 magnifying glasses)

Sink the Boat Kit (12 boats)

Mix and Match Water Falls (8 pieces)

Magnet Kit

Iron filing discovery discs (12)

Magnet wands (12)

Magnetic forces discovery kits (2)

Magnet discovery board (1)


Balls with cool stuff inside (8)

Soft and safe building blocks

Soft and safe washable alphabet blocks

Let's Pretend

Magnetic vehicle set (6)

Little hands tool tote

Wooden food, including vegetables and cutting food

Pots and pans

Build It!

Duplo Blocks

Bristle Builders

Crystal Climbers