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    It looks like Baker & Taylor has resolved the issue with TS 360 One-Click MARC.  If anyone does still have an issue today please submit a helpdesk ticket so we can report this to B&T.

    - Thanks Kris S

    04/25/2018 - 9:54am
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Animation/Movie Kit    

Note:  2 packages.  4 iPads and chargers (with the following apps:  Strip Designer; Animation Desk; Stop Motion Studios; Stikbot Studios; Sock Puppets; iMovie); 3 iPad holders/tripods; 1 smart phone tripod; 7 stikbot action figures.  Large Cloth Bag:  2 pop-up green screens.  Idea Sheet.                


Audio Kit            

1 locked case ; 1 iPad with Garageband, Keezy, & Keezy Drums apps; 1 Snowball Microphone; 1 adaptor; 1 microphone cord.  Idea Sheet.              

Baking Extravaganza:  Cake and Cookies Kit

2 bins:  11 specialized bundt pans; 2 ziplock bags with a variety of plastic cookie cutters; 3 specialized cupcake tins; tart pan; pineapple upside-down pan; round-bottom cake/break pan; 6 small holiday-shape pans; 8 large-tipped frosting tips; 15 small-tipped frosting tips; 2 tip/bag cases for frosting

Bloxels Kit

Bloxels require a device (smart phone or tablet) with the Bloxel App (not included), but the Bloxel Kit includes the other pieces needed to create your own video games.  Comes with several challenges, and can also be free-form.

Button Maker   

1-inch button-maker; 1-inch punch; pinbacks; 2 kinds of metal pieces; plastic covers.  Idea Sheet.         

Coloring Kit       

6 coloring books; 48 gel pens; 48 colored pencils.  For adult/teen coloring programs


Cubelets Kit      

37 Cubelets, 4 Lego toppers, 2 USB connector/charger, Cubelet Descriptor Cards, 1 Robot Builder's Handbook                

Cubelets are designed to allow people to experiment with creating simple robots.  Recommended for ages 5 and up.  It is not necessary, but you can also connect them to a device.  To do that, you will need to provide your own device, and download a free app.  Idea Sheet.

Jewelry-Making Kit

7 pairs of different kinds of pliers/handtools, collapsable needles, bead-stoppers, and soldering iron kit (includes solder).  You supply the beads and other expendables.

 Lego WeDo Kit 

1 Chromebook with Lego WeDo App and charging cord; 1 box of Lego WeDo blocks (15 ziplock bags).   Idea Sheet.

Lightbox Kit

2 light boxes, letter pieces, agate slices, plastic shapes, regular and metallic calligraphy marker pens, The Calligrapher's BibleThe Bible of Illuminated Letters

Makey Makey Kit           

4 Makey Makey Kits, each including:  7 alligator clips, 30 jumper wires, MakeyMakey board, mini USB cable, and instruction booklet. Idea Sheet.        


Needlefelting Kit            

5 multi-point needle felting tools; 3 brush pads; 2 containers with 8 felting needles in each; 10 foam felting pads; 20 thimbles; Beginners Guide to Needlefelting book; 1 instruction sheet.  Idea Sheet.

Note:  Contains materials for needlefelting, but borrowers will need to secure their own wool roving and other consumables.


Sphero Kit          

2 iPod Touches with Sphero Apps; 2 Spheros(with accessories:  charger base, adaptor, 2 ramps, and holder).    Idea Sheet.      

Woodworking Kit

5 screwdrivers, adjustable wrench, tape measure, safety glasses, pliers, drill and 21 drill bits, hammer, hand saw (not powered), woodburning kit, dremel kit