Over the course of the past few years, Christy from Pepin has been participating in grant projects, attending workshops and webinars, and generally paying attention to early literacy information.  This year, the children’s area underwent a bit of transformation to incorporate more room for play, more items to play with, and a more differentiated area.  Take a peek:

play kitchen and dress up items

 A play kitchen area and a dress-up bin that is painted with magnetic paint offer lots of opportunities to play.

children's room

 The children’s area is now purple, which sets it off from the other areas of the library.  You can see a workbench next to the kitchen.  The library moved around some of the collection (hanging bags with books and CDs) to accommodate the new items.

circulation desk with pages from an alphabet book around it

The fun extends to the circulation desk! The pages of an alphabet book line the desk, giving kids and caregivers opportunities for conversation and plenty to look at during the potentially-boring check-out time.