Spanish MORE Registration Form Now Available!

Lori worked with a great translation service to bring you a MORE registration form in Spanish!  Worried about interacting with people in Spanish? There are some free apps for that, like this Microsoft Translator. Here’s a list of 12 apps to pick from.

In Search Of Library Stars

We have scripts for three MORE catalog tutorials, and Reb is looking for a fresh and enthusiastic personality to be in front of the camera. We’ll set it all up, you’d just need to be yourself on camera. If you’re interested, send a little clip or a link to Thanks!

Next Year’s Annual-Report-You Will Thank This Year’s Record-Keeping-You

While it’s fresh in your brain, why not set yourself up for success next year. There are a couple tools available to keep track of all the numbers. It’s not too hard to add in categories that aren’t on the annual report, too.


  • There are magazines on Libby! Here’s a marketing toolkit from Overdrive.
  • Libraries Step Up: Here’s the handout that Jill Fuller from Bridges put together for Library Legislative Day. I thought some of you might want to use it.  The next push on this will be National Library Week. Do you need more postcards? Let Reb know.
  • Nappy offers beautiful stock photos of Black and Brown people, free.

Coming Right Up

  • Webmaster Office Hours, Thu Feb 18th 1:00pm – 3:00pm, all the details and a link are on the WVLS website
  • Go to the IFLS Calendar to see info about upcoming webinars.