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Unite Against Book Bans: ALA Campaign

from PLA e-news, forwarded by John

This month, ALA launched Unite Against Book Bans, a national initiative to empower readers everywhere to stand together in the fight against censorship. Recent polling confirms that large majorities of voters and parents oppose book bans in public and school libraries, and they have overwhelmingly favorable opinions of public and school libraries. (See this year’s State of America’s Libraries Report, including the Top 10 Banned Books.) The ALA created a toolkit to accompany this campaign that might be useful to you.

Clarification: Saving the Life of a Book with a Rubber Band

From Katelyn: As I continue to learn more in my position if there is anything you wish to share with me, information, ideas, etc. please do not hesitate to reach out! Have a great weekend 😊 

I was a bit overzealous about protecting the fate of new books last week and did not do my research properly. Thank you to some member libraries for making me aware of the Guidelines for Processing Outgoing Courier, which express a desire for libraries to keep rubber band usage to a minimum. Rubber bands should be used on certain media cases, books with binding issues, ILL materials, and items with multiple parts. With that new knowledge, I am going to retract last week’s statement about always rubber banding new items, I am sorry for any confusion.

Going to the WAPL conference? Consider volunteering!

WAPL needs you! It’s easy to be a room monitor! There are other opportunities available, too. Here is the Sign Up Genius link:

Princh Template

from Anne Hamland’s email this week, in case you missed it

WVLS, IFLS, and NWLS are firing up printing services with Princh. Email me if you are in need of adding Princh to your website. Here are a few examples from real libraries and more information about PRINCH. Questions about the service? Please reach out to the LeanWI technology team through your library system helpdesk.

Upcoming Events from IFLS and Beyond

Pollinator Month Events

from Milwaukee Public Library, forwarded by John

June is Pollinator Month and here are three free webinars from Milwaukee Public Library starring gardening expert and author Melinda Myers. (Events are free but you need to register. Zoom links are in the posts. MPL thanks you for your help in promoting these events!)

The easiest way to promote these great webinars to your users is to share their events.  If you use scheduling and want to create your own post, MPL asks that you:

  1. Copy their text and graphic from their post to make your own.
  2. Include sponsor thanks in the post: “Thank you to American Transmission Co. for sponsoring this webinar.”
  3. If you have any questions, feel free to email Diana Paul at

Public Libraries and Fake News: How to Educate and Inform in the Age of Disinformation Thu May 5th 10:00am – 11:00am (see in the IFLS calendar)

Sam Molzahn and Barbara Alvarez will share ideas about how public libraries can educate their communities about information literacy in a time where fake news seems to dominate. Sam and Barbara will discuss historical and contemporary concepts of disinformation, misinformation, and fake news, and provide ideas about how you can ensure access to credible resources and develop courses, resources, and partnerships to dismantle disinformation.

Barbara Alvarez is an Information Specialist and Instructor of Information Science. She has an MLIS from the University of Illinois-Urbana/Champaign. Barbara is the author of “Embedded Business Librarianship for the Public Librarian” with ALA Editions and has written articles about disinformation and fake news for Public Libraries Magazine. Stay in touch at www.barbaralvarez.comSam Molzahn is the adult reference and technology librarian at the Franklin Public Library (WI) and earned his MLIS from UW-Milwaukee in 2017. He has taught classes on fake news and media literacy for five years and is passionate about creating informed citizens of all ages.

Register here:

Spring Webinar Series: Wisconsin Valley Library Service, Northern Waters Library Service, Southwest Wisconsin Library System and the IFLS Library System are excited to announce a Spring Webinar Series. Each webinar will be worth 1 contact hour for public library certification, and they will be recorded for later viewing. Registration is now open for all three webinars.


I work hard get the details right. Let me know when there’s a mistake and I’ll print it here.

  1. Cecelia spells her name with two E’s
  2. Thanks to Meg (Somerset): I clicked on the Dollar General grant page and saw that the link goes to an adult literacy grant application for which the deadline is past. I think you need to click on the Youth one for the May 19 deadline.
  3. The quote attributed to Cricket last week was actually from Leah.
  4. The link for “The Culture of Farming” leads to a dysfunctional sign-up form on the UW-Madison Continuing Education site. I’m not able to find an alternate way to get to that information.