Happy Juneteenth.

From Leann (Dresser): Bin Closing Form

To help my staff remember to time/date staff bins when closed and for some sort of consistency, I came up with this form. It has 21 slips on it so one sheet of paper goes a long way. You could even reuse the back of paging lists if so inclined. But I print it on colored paper cut with a paper cutter and have the staff complete and tape on bins when closed. I started encouraging them by just attaching a blank one on the bin lid with masking tape when I opened it. Ah ha, reminder to fill it out in plain view. Now they are available with the rest of our forms. Find the form in the delivery toggle on the COVID-19 page..

From Maureen: Updated Delivery Schedule and Google Form

As things change, we’re updating the delivery schedule every Friday for the week starting the following Monday on the COVID-19 Changes to Delivery page . You can find the link on the COVID-19 page under the delivery toggle, or under the COVID-19 header on the IFLS Article Index.

Want to go back to your regular schedule? If you haven’t already replied, here’s the google form.

IFLS   x   x  
Altoona x x x x x
Amery x x x x x
Augusta x     x  
Baldwin   x   x  
Balsam Lake   x x   x
Barron   x     x
Bloomer x   x   x
Boyceville   x   x x
Bruce x   x   x
Cadott x   x   x
Cameron   x     x
Centuria   x     x
Chetek x x x x x
Chippewa Falls x     x  
Clear Lake x   x   x
Colfax x   x    
Cornell     x   x
Cumberland   x     x
CVCTF       x  
Deer Park x   x   x
Dresser x     x  
Durand   x   x  
Eau Claire x x x x x
Elk Mound         x
Ellsworth x     x  
Elmwood x     x  
Fall Creek x     x  
Frederic   x     x
Glenwood City x   x   x
Hammond x     x  
Hawkins x        
Hudson x     x  
Ladysmith x     x  
Luck x x   x x
Menomonie x x x x x
Milltown   x     x
New Richmond x   x   x
Ogema   x     x
Osceola x     x  
Park Falls x x x x x
Pepin   x   x x
Phillips   x   x  
Plum City   x     x
Prescott   x     x
Rice Lake x   x   x
RiverFalls x x x x x
Roberts   x   x x
Sand Creek x   x   x
Somerset x     x  
Spring Valley x x   x  
Stanley x   x    
St. Croix Falls   x     x
Turtle Lake   x     x
Woodville   x   x x

From CFPB: Financial Resource Page webinar

Protect Yourself Financially from the Impact of the Coronavirus
Date: Monday, July 13, 2020
Time: 2:00pm – 3:00pm (EST)
Link: Register here (free)

Despite the nationwide disruptions being caused by the coronavirus, the CFPB is continuing our daily work to help consumers. One way we do that is by providing consumers with up-to-date information and resources to protect and manage their finances during this difficult time. The CFPB has created a curated webpage on our site housing these resources: consumerfinance.gov/coronavirus.

The CFPB is collaborating with the American Library Association and the Reference and User Services Association’s Financial Literacy Interest Group to bring these resources to you. On this webinar, we will provide you with an overview of these resources, what types of information you will find on the site, and how may access these resources.

Some Useful Links: COVID-19 Education and Facts

  • Fact-checking resources from Poynter, shared by WVLS.
  • Insights from Michael Osterholm, PhD, MPH, an internationally known expert in infectious disease epidemiology

And Just for funsies: outdoor and socially distanced

(Send me what you’re up to, I’ll put it in the next Weekly Digest: kilde@ifls.lib.wi.us)

  • Altoona’s River Prairie Park is laying it on the lawn.
  • Wildly impractical, but fun: put a labyrinth or maze on the lawn.
  • Several libraries are doing outdoor programming, like Woodville’s Colossal Fossil.
  • Fort Worth Library’s physically-distanced outdoor Mario Kart.