New Developments and Resources for Job Seekers

During the pandemic work-search requirements for unemployment benefits were waived, but they will be reinstated this Sunday, 5/23/21. You’ll likely see an uptick in demand for job seeking resources. IFLS recommendations:

  • Peruse the LAWDS webpage so you know what’s available.
  • Attend the upcoming webinar: Meet Your Partners Western Region: Workforce Resources (LAWDS), Wed Jun 16th 1:00pm – 2:30pm.
  • Reach out to your local Job Center and let them know about your library and what services it can offer (think: wifi, public computers, research help) and open hours/scheduling requirements. Ask them to keep you in the loop of any big employment issues, such as large layoffs, that might drive job-seekers to the library.
  • Prepare your library: LAWDS will be promoting public libraries and the resources they have available in a statewide marketing effort. Before that drops, make a list of the services that your library offers and how people can access those services. Communicate that to your front-end staff. Reb and Leah are working on ways to support your library.

Questions and concerns can be directed to Leah ( or Reb (

Materials Quarantine changes

The Waltco sorters will no longer be putting date/time on bins, and the IFLS libraries no longer need to mark their outgoing bins with date/time of closure either.
Most of the library systems have stopped making recommendations for quarantine of incoming bins due to the low risk of surface transmission with good hand hygiene. IFLS is also dropping its recommendation for any quarantine time for incoming bins, but libraries may choose to keep a 24-hour quarantine time based on their community numbers & staff vaccination levels. Questions? Contact Maureen (

Crisis Counseling

Project Recovery (PR) is a crisis counseling program that is only implemented during and following times of disaster in the state. Counselors connect people with the resources they need and/or offer free, anonymous support and crisis counseling. They’re available to anyone in the state of Wisconsin, and may also be available for library programs.  Of special note, they have people specifically trained to address the needs of farmers and farm workers!

Project Recovery will run through August 2021 and is made possible by through partnerships between FEMA, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, WISCAP, and local Community Action Agencies.

Still more Ancestry

The deadline for remote access to Ancestry Library Edition is now Sept. 30. Questions go to Maureen (

Are you making a banner?

Reb has large-format graphics available for MORE, Novelist, Transparent Language and Libby. (

New on the Website

  • Columns added for programming on the Library Operations spreadsheet. Please take a moment to update that. IFLS staff and other libraries thank you.
  • Thanks to a software update, there’s now a “print” option on the header of all the articles in the Article Index.

Coming up

Here’s just some of what’s coming up at IFLS and beyond. See all the IFLS events on the calendar.

  • May 24: Deadline for the survey to inform the IFLS 2021 planning process.
  • May 26: IFLS Board of Trustees meeting
  • May 31: Memorial Day: IFLS Closed
  • June 3: The Public Library Association is hosting a free panel discussion from 12-1 pm: Reweaving the Culture through Inclusive Norms at the Public Library. The time has also come to look inward at the ways our own management systems and structures perpetuate inequities among those who work in public libraries.
  • June 10: MORE Executive Committee meeting and budget hearing
  • June 8: Webmaster Office Hours
  • June 16: Registration opens for the Association for Bookmobiles and Outreach Services ABOS Annual Conference from October 11-15, 2021 (virtually, using the Whova App), and will include 40 programs, poster sessions, bookmobile and library tours, networking opportunities, and more.  Registration is $84 per person, scholarships available: Learn about ABOS Virtual Conference Awards and Scholarships here.