That Mask Thing: Resources and Language

Focus on the positive, and avoid words like “law” and “fines”. Communication suggestions from IFLS librarians:

  • Mary (Ogema) like “Because libraries believe everyone counts”
  • Rob (Cumberland) uses something like this (I’m paraphrasing! Please correct me, Rob.): We wear a mask to keep you safe, and you wearing a mask keeps us safe. That’s why we require a mask.
  • Katherine (Rice Lake) uses kindness: “Hi! Welcome to the library! Have a mask!”
  • Katie’s T-Rex made an appearance on Glenwood City’s Facebook page.
  • Cricket (Clear Lake) forwarded some library posters from Wyoming with a “Wearing is Caring” theme.
  • The state has some resources that includes a Deaf and hard of hearing  visual communication tool visor card..
  • All the IFLS resources I sent out are up on the IFLS Marketing page.

​From John: A few have asked if a library board meeting is needed prior to the Emergency Order going into effect. The answer is no. Libraries should be requiring face coverings/masks as outlined in the Emergency Order.

Some mentioned today during the Director Check-in some law enforcement agencies have indicated that they will not be responding to calls about individuals not wearing a mask. Your local library patron conduct/behavior policies are established to help with patron behavior issues. Also see the attached email for the upcoming Ryan Dowd Webinar COVID: How to deal with problem behaviours related to COVID-19. This webinar and other Ryan Dowd webinars/resources are also useful with handling problem behaviors.

Please let John know if you have any questions.

Next week is a busy week for webinars

More coming up! Check the calendar.

Why we can’t post Zoom logins publicly: there’s no way to post those in a way that is easy to get to and also maintains privacy. Always feel free to contact whoever’s hosting to get login information. We’ll make a point in including that in any reminder e-mails we send out.

New on the Website

  • IFLS COVID-19 guidelines for visits on the COVID-19 page.
  • Watch for updates on the ILL toggle on the COVID-19 page as things change.
  • A reminder that although the Cataloging button is gone from the staff page, all that great content is still available on the Article Index.

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