John Thompson other library leaders are suggesting that we stop saying our libraries are closed. Instead, say “In-person services are temporarily suspended,” or “Library services are temporarily paused.” Then make sure to highlight all the things you ARE doing: curbside services, services by appointment, virtual programs, helping people over the phone, responding to e-mail requests… You’re doing so much good stuff, let’s get that message out to people!

Here’s one simple, effective thing you might try to improve your advocacy efforts. This is a great time of year to thank people. Thank-you messages are very memorable. Identify elected officials, community partners, volunteers, staff–any of those people that contribute to the success of the library–and send them a simple thank you. If you just can’t do all of that, narrow it to the most important folks to get your message out to, or maybe your Friends group would be willing to help. Phone calls and postcards are best, email works just fine, too.

You all light up your communities! Libraries are so important in so many ways, and you are all doing a great job. As always, contact us if you have questions, need help or just want to talk.