Barb Krueger of Deer Park shared the checklist she created to help her remember all the details she needed to keep track of when closing the library due to COVID-19.  Hopefully this may be of use to you if you haven’t yet closed–or even if you have!

Reply to John Thompson’s email for closing details
Inform Village Clerk of the Library Board decision
Dates of Library closing and details for paying staff and bill payment
Prepare staff announcement of closing
Save as PDF and email to Library Staff; cc Village Clerk and Library Board members
Update website home page with closing details
Prepare patron announcement of closing
     Save as PDF
     Include on email to Library Staff; cc Village Clerk and Library Board members
Post in the outside bulletin board and at the Post Office (official posting locations for meeting notices)
Prepare Closed Notice Flyer for Library/Building Door
     Post at Post Office (official public notice location)
Change Library’s Voice Mail message
     If extension’s for staff – remind them to change their message.
Resize Reb’s Extended Due Date Announcement to Landscape Flyer size
Laminate and post on Library/building door
     Post at the Post Office
Social Media
     Create Library Closed FB cover
     Post Reb’s FB Post for Extended Due Date announcement
     Do a FB Post about the Library closing
     Create Tweet for Library closing
     Create an Instagram post regarding the Library closing
Post Library Closed Until “X” on any village/city signs