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Budgets & money management

  • John Thompson’s webinars/presentations
  • DPI Budgets and Funding page
  • MORE budgets link
  • IFLS group purchase link
  • simple deposit forms


  • Annual report resources 
  • Public Library Staff Compensation Survey
  • IFLS dashboard link

Fundraising & grants curated resources from IFLS staff

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Budgets & money management

2022 Spring Webinar Series #2:  Where Does the Money Come From? Wisconsin Public Library Funding with John Thompson.

2018 Boot Camp Powerpoint on budget development including planning, presentation, and management by John Thompson

Wisconsin DPI Funding and Budgets page


Annual report resources

Public Library Staff Compensation Survey

  • The purpose of the report is to provide staff salaries and position classification information to help library boards determine appropriate compensation to attract and retain the best possible employees for the positions. Prior to using the report, library directors are encouraged to review the Wisconsin Public Library Staff Compensation Summary Report and toolkit to effectively utilize the data presented in the report.
  • The complete report and toolkit are available on the System and Resource Library Administrators’ Association of Wisconsin website.

Fundraising & grant resources

2020 Webinar–Finding Grants and Donations:  A Realistic Guide Grants webinar recording.  Grants webinar slides

Foundations in Wisconsin

The L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library in Eau Claire is a Cooperating Collection of the Foundation Center, and has excellent databases and other resources that can be used at the library.  Also watch for special training opportunities there!

Candid has free fundraising and grant resources on its website.

Library Grants is a blog with regular updates about national grant opportunities

Wisconsin Common Grant Application form

Minnesota Common Grant Application form is being updated in 2023. This links to the MN Council on Foundations page with current links.