We’re always happy to help! Submit a HelpDesk ticket if:

  • You need a current hard copy of courier pocket tags.
  • You have a question or a problem and need help.
  • You need additional delivery supplies.
  • To report a delay, missed stop, or other courier issue. 

Delivery Contact Person

Katelyn Noack

Katelyn Noack

Public Services Consultant

715-839-5082 x113|

How the IFLS Courier System Works

  • IFLS contracts with a courier (WALTCO, Inc.) to provide courier service to our area libraries.
  • WALTCO does all the sorting of materials being routed to other IFLS area libraries.
  • The WALTCO driver will drop off and pick up materials on your library’s scheduled delivery days.
  • WALTCO picks up from and drops off at the IFLS office daily. All items labeled for IFLS or with the pink out-of-system routing labels which were picked up at the IFLS libraries will be sorted to the IFLS office. We unpack in the morning and send out-of-system materials with the 10 a.m. South Central pickup/delivery.
  • The South Central Delivery Service has prepared a Wisconsin Delivery Network list that you can print out. If you do not find a library on the list, you will need to mail the material. For more information on sending Interlibrary Loan materials through courier, click HERE. 
  • IFLS is the pick-up/drop-off point for all materials going to/coming from outside the IFLS system via the South Central Delivery Service.

Biannual Delivery Study

Below are the instructions, worksheet, and example of a completed worksheet for the biannual delivery study.

The 2024 Spring study will be conducted May 13-17.