1000 Books Before Kindergarten

Last Updated On July 02, 2019
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The effort to encourage families to read 1000 books to their kids before kindergarten has become a popular library program.

Background Information

This blog post has a great explanation of the research that could help back up a program, even though there is no research that directly correlates school success with reading 1000 books before Kindergarten

This blog post discusses the start-up process of one library’s program

1000 Books Before Kindergarten App

The Bridges Library System created an app for parents to use to keep track of books read for participation in Wisconsin Library’s 1000 Books Before Kindergarten programs.  For more information and ideas on how to use and promote the app:

General information about the app, including publicity resources from the Bridges Library System

Links to resources about the app from the South Central Library System

Digital Byte from Wisconsin Valley Library System about the app (short informational video)

If you still have questions, please contact Leah at IFLS!