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Library Administration Timeline


  • Record Program Attendance for Annual Report
  • Participate in group purchases https://iflsweb.org/knowledge-base/group-purchase-calendar/ (also listed below during specific months for order deadlines)
    • As needed items:
      • Computers/Laptops
      • DriveShield
      • Anti-Virus Software
      • Note: Additional items may be added
  • Complete Continuing Education Activity Form for each event attended
  • Inform IFLS of board member changes and significant staff changes
  • Monthly Board Meeting
    • Year to date budget report
    • Voucher/Bill list for board approval
    • Director’s Report
    • Provide IFLS system director with agendas and minutes


  • Conduct New Trustee Orientation
  • Library Board Elections
  • Submit Annual Summation for Director Certification to IFLS Annual Summation of CE Activities


  • Begin State Annual Report: https://dpi.wi.gov/pld/data-reports/annual-report
  • Library Statistics to keep beginning each January
    • Program Attendance and number of programs (Actual count required)
      • Count all attendees based on target audience (0-5, 6-11, 12-18, 19+)
      • In-person, Live virtual, or Pre-recorded (Take-and-Make kits can be counted if you have evidence of their use)
      • Onsite or Offsite (at the library or elsewhere)
      • Program Tracker Spreadsheet (optional)
    • Library Visits (Actual count strongly encouraged (Electronic Door Counter) or survey sample)
    • Internet Use (Actual count strongly encouraged (Pharos) or survey sample)
    • Reference Transactions (Tally Sheet–Actual count strongly encouraged or survey sample)
      • Schedule Sample Survey Weeks
        • Staff required to record tally of number of visits; internet use; and reference transactions if actual count is not used
          • Minimum—One-week spring; one week fall
          • Encouraged—One week each quarter
  • MORE libraries billed in early January
    • Yearly MORE Costs
    • Additional related MORE expenses including:
      • Shared Services
      • CABS
      • Self-check maintenance
    • Courier payment billed in early January for libraries paying for additional days



  • Annual Report submitted by IFLS to Division (March 1st is deadline date for submission)
  • County reimbursement payments (ACT 150) received
  • Board review of long-range plan and goals
  • Present annual report to municipal board



  • Begin budget development
    • Review 6-month expenditures/revenues
    • Determine municipal budget calendar
  • Submit County reimbursement (ACT 150) requests no later than July 1st
  • MORE Budget Hearing
  • MORE budget established (July)


  • Director drafts budget (timing based upon municipal budget calendar and library board schedule)
  • Director conducts staff evaluations (this activity can occur at different times based on local needs)
  • Library Board conducts director evaluation (this activity can occur at different times based on local needs)



  • Conduct Sample Survey for Reference Transactions; Library Visits; and Computer Use if actual count is not used
  • Delivery Study (Bin Count)
  • Budget reviewed by municipality/Public hearing on municipal budget
  • WLA Conference
  • Consider serving as a MORE officer or on a MORE advisory committee in the coming year
  • Group Purchasing https://iflsweb.org/knowledge-base/group-purchase-calendar/
    • Movie Licenses
    • Library Cards


  • Submit closed dates for the coming year; complete year-end record clean-up projects; fiscal close for Sierra Acquisitions users
  • Spend remainder of library budget
  • Adjust next fiscal year budget expenditures based upon municipal appropriation and county funding