I have heard from many library directors that one of the trickiest things in terms of staffing during this time of closure has been working with staff members who either don’t have great access to technology at home OR who are not confident about using technology.  I wanted to share a few tools I’ve come across that might be useful for staff members who want to improve their basic skills.  These are also all listed on the IFLS Job-Seeker page.

A few years ago, the Wisconsin Technical Colleges created an excellent MOOC for learning basic technology skills–self-paced and highly reviewed!  Learners can take a quick pre-test to find out where they need the most help.  There are sections on learning to use a mouse and keyboard, using Microsoft Word, learning to manage files, using email, Internet, and social media, and online security.

You might want to suggest staff members assess themselves with the Northstar Digital Literacy Assessments.  They have assessments for everything from very basic skills to using software like Word, Excel, and Power Point, as well as working in the online environment.  Once they know what they need to learn, it can be easier to focus their energy.

Goodwill Industries has some easy-to-use tutorials on a whole variety of technology skills, including some basic help with the Office Suite, learning about different Internet browsers, and more.

For people who want to delve in a little deeper on Microsoft Office tools, their training page offers some good options, as well.