It might seem strange and difficult to try to think about planning and evaluation when we just don’t quite know what to plan for.  But spending time figuring out what priorities you and your community have make it much easier to figure out how to move forward, even in completely overwhelming or unprecedented times.  So here are a few resources to dig into to help you think about this.  IF you have a printer, some of them are even things you could print and use while taking a break from the screen!


Wisconsin Public Library Standards are an excellent place to start to get an idea of where you are now and where you want to go.

The Inclusive Services Assessment and Guide was produced by and for Wisconsin Librarians.  It was designed to work well with the Standards, and you can find links to a scoring rubric and reflection sheet, too (look on the Resources tab)

Libraries Transforming Communities:  Lots of great resources (including archived webinars) here from the American Library Association and the Harwood Institute to help you get information from your community about what their aspirations are, and more!


Are You Ready for a Building Project?  Assessing Space Needs and Community Readiness.  With John Thompson from IFLS Library System.  RecordingSlides.

From the 2018 Wild Wisconsin Winter Web Conference:  Strategic Planning When You Can’t Afford a Consultant with Michele Stricker.  Recording    Slides