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Clearly label outgoing items with the name of the city (rather than the name of the library). Waltco sorters do not know the names of libraries without a city name. Ex: D.R. Moon Memorial Library should be labelled as Stanley P.L. Items that are labeled without a city name get delivered to the IFLS office to be relabeled. This takes staff time and delays delivery.


Remember to remove any private patron information before placing items in the courier bins. These items get sorted by non-library employees at Waltco. Patron names and phone numbers should never be attached to items traveling in the courier!

Thanksgiving Week Delivery Changes

(email from Katelyn sent 11/7) The holidays are coming up fast! Read on for some important Thanksgiving delivery changes.

Waltco will not be delivering on Thanksgiving (Thursday, Nov. 23).
Waltco will only deliver to libraries on Friday, Nov. 24 upon request. 

Choose one of the following:

  • Option One: My Library does not need delivery on Thursday or Friday.
  • Next Step: You can ignore this email!


  • Option Two: My Library will be open/the driver has a key and we want delivery on Friday (11/24).
  • Next Step: Fill out THIS FORM to request delivery on Friday. Due by November 17th.

Thanks all! Contact Katelyn with any questions. 🙂 A prize for reading this.

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Coming Up

Two new webinars added to the IFLS calendar

Join the IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, & Equity in Action) Team and your Wisconsin Library colleagues for a new, FREE webinar series beginning this December. More info and registration below or visit WisLibIDEA.com for registration and an archive of all previous webinars and workshops!

WI Libraries Talk About Race: Understanding and Challenging Implicit Bias in Decision Making December 7 at 1 p.m.

Moving from Allyship to Leadership: Agency, Accountability, and Emotional Intelligence January 11, 2024, at 10 a.m

All the details are on the IFLS calendar.

Check Out WI State Parks Q&A

Please join us virtually on Tuesday, Nov. 14 from 2-3 P.M.
Meeting link is in the email version of Weekly Digest.

The DNR will be hosting an open Q&A session for libraries interested in participating in the 2024 Check Out Wisconsin State Parks At Your Library program. You’ll get answers to some of the frequently asked questions they’ve received. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions during the session.

The meeting will be recorded and shared for later viewing for those who are not able to attend. Direct questions to Sara Bernaski at the DNR (sara.bernaski@wisconsin.gov).

On the IFLS calendar