Welcome to chilly weather!  There are some things coming up in November that should warm you up, and some other information to share.  I’ll post a version of this on the Youth Services Blog as well.  Here we go:

Youth Services Check-in

Our next Youth Services Check-in will be on Wednesday, November 29 from 2-3 pm.  The topic:  Beyond Readers Advisory.  We’ll talk about resources and ideas you have for recommending books, toys, apps, websites, and other resources to kids, teens, and families.  Bring your ideas and questions.  Look for a reminder coming via email or contact me (Leah) if you need a link.

Free webinars (not from IFLS but WOW)

Free webinars featuring amazing authors from School Library Journal and The Horn Book:

Free webinars about Inclusion :

Summer Program Planning

If you aren’t yet planning for next summer because you are busy with the fall/winter/spring, don’t worry!  You are doing great!  For those of you who like to plan ahead, though, here are some things to know:

  • If you haven’t done so yet, I encourage you to sign up for the Collaborative Summer Library Program’s monthly newsletter.
  • Mark your calendars for the CSLP Summer Symposium, December 7.  Speakers, topics, and registration available in a few weeks for this half-day virtual offering for public library staff to connect, learn, and collaborate with each other for programming around the theme of Adventure Begins at your Library.
  • Based on your feedback, I’m planning an in-person, all-day, multi-faceted youth services workshop, probably in March.  Much of the information will be useful for summer, but also beyond!  We’ll go back to an older model of a keynote in the morning, followed by discussions and sessions led by your IFLS-area colleagues!


Several of you have either been mentors or have had a mentor right here in IFLS-land.  Let me know if you or someone you work with would benefit from an IFLS-area mentor!  Perhaps you’d be interested in getting involved at a statewide level as a mentor, or perhaps you have been a looking for a mentor from a little further afield who can specifically help you get involved at the statewide level.  In either case, if you are a WLA member you can apply for the WLA Mentorship Program, too!

Performers Performers Performers

There have been quite a few folks sharing information to the list about collaborative scheduling for performers for summer 2024 or sooner.  Our Performer Evaluation sheet still works as a place to share/learn about experiences with performers.  You can continue to add to it and to share your scheduling collaboration opportunities through the listserv.

Wisconsin Library Association/Youth Services Section virtual Performer Showcase on December 8 costs $20 for WLA members and $40 for non-members.  If you are wishing for more inspiration and ideas and you have the time and money to expend, this could be a fun day.

I’m Not the Center of Storytime and That’s Okay

I came across this wonderful blog post by Lindsey Krabbenhoft several months ago.  I was thinking that it might be a good time to share it since folks have been back in the storytime saddle for a little while now.  I love how she really digs into what her goals are for storytime and how finding balance between the goals of connecting folks to the library, each other, and herself is really the key.  I recommend it!