Whether you are already planning fall programs and events or you are looking for a few additional activities to make your summer programs pop, don’t forget about the programming kits available to libraries through Lend Items.  I’ll be featuring a few of the kits available from IFLS and WVLS in a monthly blog feature.  If you haven’t yet signed up for a Lend Items account, or want more information on how to use Lend Items, check out the Kits page on the IFLS website!

First up, some great resources owned by IFLS for Early Childhood! These are only a few of the wonderful kits available to borrow that are amazing for working with younger kids!  More to come, or sign up and explore the site!

small child walking on colorful floor tiles

[NEW] Early Childhood Liquid Floor Tiles:  This is 4 tiles to put on the floor for stepping on and touching–the liquid inside squishes around and looks super cool.  Laura Maki from Roberts used them recently and says:  “Awesome sensory for all ages! Great for story time or play areas for kids. Even the parents think they’re fun :)”


[NEW] Early Childhood Obstacle Courses:  More sensory fun for all ages, these could be very fun for school age kids, too.  Tunnels, buckets, hoops, activity dice, soft balls, stepping stones, and more.  For extra fun, borrow the floor tiles with them!

Early Childhood Board Book Kits:  Twenty copies of the same board book for one-on-one/unison reading!  Titles include American Babies; Machines at Work; Happy Bird Day; Tickle My Ears; Touch the Brightest Star; and many more!

Programming Kit:  Community Family Outreach Event Booth Kit:  Did you get asked to show up at Preschool Screening, Back to School Night, or Kids Night Out?  This kit might help you create a fun and interactive booth!  Includes things to make your display table more fun and professional, including display boards and table cloth; a huge Libby app banner; a Plinko board; stepping stones; and more!