Many of you hopefully remember Jessica Bratt, who presented a great webinar for the Wild Wisconsin Winter Web Conference in 2019 titled Let’s Talk About Race, about how to successfully talk about race in a positive way in storytime with very young children and their parents.  If you haven’t watched the webinar or looked at the resources, please take a little time to do that.  It is so important and worthwhile!  Here’s the information:

Let’s Talk About Race: Slides   Recording   Handouts (Resources)   Handouts (Tips Sheets)

Okay, now you are back from that, you will doubtless be interested in what Jessica is up to these days.  A LOT!  You can read this recent article in Library Journal about her current projects, and how she wants to continue her work.  You’ll find some new resources she has created for your own learning and to help people who are looking for resources to better understand policing and the criminal justice system and how it affects BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color).