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Speak up for your library

What is it?  Getting people to voice support for the public library

Why?  Because the squeaky wheel gets the oil.

Who should do Advocacy?

  • Librarians
  • A broad mix of individuals
    • trustees
    • friends of the library
    • resident library users
    • local business & community leaders

*For effective advocacy - people must be able to convey their opinions in an informed way. They should be educated about the library and its needs.


  • All the time! 
  • Libraries should have a presence at community events
  • Budget time
  • Invite elected officials for tours and offer to help them answer questions related to their duties

How do we do it?

  • Collect positive comments from library users.  These stories help move local-decision makers about the value of the library to the community.
  • Develop a message that is used by staff, trustees, foundation members and friends of the library.  Use the message over and over.
  • Help local elected officals by providing reliable information.  They have many difficult decisions to make and if they are goint oto treat the library differently than other departments or give special consideration, then you must provide the information that allows them to justify their actions.

Share Your Story iconShare Your Story!

People all over Western Wisconsin use their public libraries for many different reasons.  Now they can share their stories or comments on this easy-to-use webpage.  IFLS is gathering these stories for use in library advocacy and support.  Add a link to your website or facebook page now! (links to printed materials in Advocacy & Marketing Kit.   

Share your story link.

For more information about library advocacy, contact John Thompson.

Library Value Calculator

Advocacy & Marketing Kit

IFLS has developed an advocacy and marketing kit. All sections are available for you to download from our website.

Library Value Calculator

Use this tool from the Winnefox Library System on your website!  It will tell an individual the monetary value of their library check outs.  

Other Advocacy Sources

South Central Library System has developed an extensive Online Advocacy Toolkit. These materials and information are available to you to explore and utilize for your library.

Wisconsin Library Association Advocacy Tips and Listening Session information are great tools that are also available for your use.