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ILL times out after a week

Did you know that most ILL requests time out after a week? Timely processing of materials ensures this deadline isn’t missed and prevents issues due to cancellation. If your library cannot process ILL items within this timeframe, please let us know by sending a quick email to ill@ifls.lib.wi.us, or submit a Help Desk ticket!

Delivery survey responses due now

Tomorrow is the last day to fill out THIS SURVEY for Waltco Holiday Changes. Sunday is the last day to make changes to your 2024 delivery schedule. Submit a HelpDesk ticket or contact Katelyn with questions (noack@ifls.lib.wi.us).

WLA & Wisconsin Water Library at UW-Madison to Partner on Great Lakes, Great Read

Calling all Wisconsin readers!  Great Lakes, Great Read, a basin-wide community read program, is scheduled to launch in 2024. Great Lakes, Great Read is designed to inspire passion and connection to the Great Lakes Watershed through reading. The Wisconsin program will serve as a pilot to inspire the development of similar programs in other states and provinces in the Upper Midwest and Canada.

Among the 34 million people in the US and Canada that live in the Great Lakes Watershed, there’s a lack of understanding of the threats facing the greatest freshwater resource in the world.

Great Lakes, Great Read. based on the “one book, one community” model, is a natural fit for a basin-wide project. Wisconsin is the perfect state to pilot the project with our deep connection to water through culture, economy, tourism and way of life.

Funded by a grant from WiLS, the Great Lakes, Great Read program will officially kick off on February 1, 2024. The selected titles will be announced on Earth Day (April 22) 2024. Watch the WLA website and join the Great Lakes, Great Read 2024 email list for program updates:  Great Lakes, Great Read email list.

Do you serve unhoused people? Share your stories (due Friday)

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction is looking for stories about resources, opportunities, and programs that libraries might be offering to assist unhoused to highlight in a DPI ConnectEd story, which is read by people in the education and legislation sphere throughout the state.  If your library is doing some work to support unhoused people in your community, please reach out to Chris Baker at chris.baker@dpi.wi.gov by the end of the day on Friday!

They would love to lift up the ways libraries continue to help folks needing extra assistance in our communities!

Are you interested in Games + Libraries?

Consider joining the new DPI cohort group, Wisconsin Games + Learning + Libraries! This group welcomes participants at every level of experience in the games and games + learning space – whether you have little to no knowledge on the subject and would like to learn more, or whether you’d consider yourself someone who has long studied and educated with gaming. Your level of participation is completely up to you.

To join the group, visit the WISELearn Resources Group, which will allow cohort participants to virtually contribute resources, engage in discussion, and form a network. If you want to learn more or have questions, you can contact Chris Baker at Christopher.baker@dpi.wi.gov

New and updated learning resources

How to Write Effective Survey Questions to Get Useful Data

Is your library planning for upcoming services, programs, or events?  They’ll be more successful if you know what sorts of things the people lin your service area truly want and need.  Still, doing a “‘simple survey” isn’t all that simple.  If you don’t know how to write the questions, you  may find out later that you didn’t get any actionable data.  Marketer and wordsmith Kathy Dempsey can help you avoid the pitfalls in this recorded webinar.

Kathy Dempsey wrote the popular how-to book, The Accidental Library Marketer, and founded her own marketing consultancy, Libraries Are Essential. Her work is dedicated to helping librarians and information professionals promote their value and expertise in order to gain respect and funding. Kathy is the Founding Chair of the Library Marketing and Communications Conference.  This writer, editor, and marketing maven has been giving presentations across the U.S. and Canada for 25+ years, always sprinkling them with humor to make marketing concepts more interesting and accessible.

Recording + Slides + Continuing Ed activity report

This webinar is supported by Public Library Systems of Wisconsin. Its completion is worth 1 contact hour for public library certification.

Updates to the Homeless De-Escalation Core Training (from Ryan Dowd)

Ryan Dowd has updated de-escalation core training. This is new training that should provide an excellent background for you as you work with any member of the public, but especially with people who have experienced trauma or who are unhoused. All public library workers in Wisconsin can access this training from Ryan Dowd thanks to support from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, using LSTA funds from the Institute for Museum and Library Services.  If you haven’t done so already, you will need to register for an account using your library email address.

The following trainings are included in the updated Core Training:

  • Homeless De-Escalation 101: Trauma & the five most important seconds of conflict
  • Homeless De-Escalation 201: Nonverbal tools to eliminate conflict
  • Homeless De-Escalation 301: Preventing conflict
  • Homeless De-Escalation 401: Managing your own emotions during conflict
  • Homeless De-Escalation 501: Verbal tools for conflict

In addition, a new training resource has been added to DPI’s Niche Academy which contains video clips from the core training that you can show at staff meetings. Each section is less than 7 minutes long and they cover a wide range of topics. You can find these clips by searching for Homeless Training Quick Lessons for Staff Meetings.

New on the website

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Four of my faves: happy holidays, y’all!

I love this! A feast of beautiful language.

If you’re into 80s pop music, scenic snowy views, and REALLY big hair then Wham’s Last Christmas is probably more your vibe.

This delightful story has beautiful illustrations: Herschel and the Hanukkah Goblins, or find it on MORE.

And if all the holiday stuff just makes you grumpy, this is for you.